Pests are all around us, though they are part of the ecosystem maintaining its balance, you cannot simply invite them inside your home. We know some common pest at home, and we are aware of their dangers, however it is estimated that pest that are also classified as insects out number us humans by millions. Although there are insects that are harmful, pests are those who spread viruses and causes harm to us.

One way to get rid of them is to contact your affordable pest providers Texas near you, but before you contact them, you should be able to identify some of other dangerous pest that might infest your home and cause serious health problems:


Mosquitoes are known parasites. They feed on humans and animal blood and they are also carriers of deadly viruses. These make mosquitoes lethal and very dangerous. The most common virus you will get when you get bitten by the virus carrying mosquitoes are malaria, dengue, zika and chikungunya. The latest outbreak was the spread of zika virus. To prevent mosquito bites, make sure to apply insect repellant lotions all the time.


This is the most common pest that is infesting every home in the world. Cockroach feed on anything fresh and decaying. They breed fast and very hard to kill. Cockroaches carry a lot of diseases, and they can transmit the disease easily by crawling on your utensils and on your food. Keeping your home free from left overs and disinfecting regularly should keep them away. Some of the disease cockroaches carry are salmonella and polio.


Fleas are commonly found on your pets. They are also a parasite and suck on blood. They can multiply in numbers and could also carry deadly diseases. Fleas that attached to humans can transmit lime disease. Your pet can also suffer and leave them dehydrated or even suck them till they are dry as fleas can lay up to 2000 eggs. Make sure you have anti flea products to protect you and your pets.


Rats can infest you home in no time. The basically scavenge and eat up every left over and chew on your valuables. Rats carry diseases and one bite can be fatal. You can also get leptospirosis in their urine. Make sure you take care of them by contacting your pest terminators and drive them out of your home.


Termites do not attack humans, but they cause structural damage on our homes. Termites love to chew on wood and they can literally bring your house down if you ignore them. Termites do not stop until they have consumed every wood in your home and leave it hallow. Check your wood furniture and dry walls if they start to become soft and hallow, termites might have been chewing them slowly.


Unlike ordinary flies, the Tsetse fly can bite you and cause death. They drink blood from humans and animals. Tsetse flies are native in Africa and is responsible for over a million fatal deaths. When you get bitten by a tsetse fly one of its side effects is sleeping sickness, and if you do not go to the doctor immediately, you might not wake up. So, beware of the flies you encounter and do not hesitate to smash them.