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The Board of Directors of the Global Society for Latvian Art (PLMS/PLMC) is very pleased to announce that the renovation of our first gallery at Lielā Skolas iela is almost complete, with the full support of the Cēsis City Council and Bureau of Culture and Tourism.

Our project manager in Latvia, Ēriks Lismanis, has been working with local Cēsis architect Valdis Līgers, with oversight by our Latvia vice-president Dainis Mjartāns, to transform a school gymnasium into a beautiful new gallery that will display a growing collection of Latvian diaspora art. The projected date of the inaugural exhibition is June 28, at a time when several other important cultural events are taking place in Cēsis, and in Rīga, which, as you know, is a 2014 EU Capital of Culture.

To celebrate this long-awaited event, PLMS is organizing a very special opening exhibition. The exhibition will include: a collection of internet-inspired portraits created by London-based artist Ilga Leimanis, recently-donated paintings by the late Laimonis Mieriņš, several paintings by US artist Gerda Roze, large-scale drawings by noted contemporary New York sculptor Kārlis Rēkevics, a suite of work by classical Latvian scenographer Ēvalds Dajevskis, and many others, from over 200 new works donated to the PLMC collection in the past two years. As a special attraction, sculptures by Latvian-American artist Jānis Mintiks, who passed away recently, and whose work is almost unknown in Latvia, are being donated to our collection. Mintiks is best known for his prize-winning memorial monument to Latvian colonists in Tobago, and we have not until now had the opportunity to show his work in Latvia. All these works have been offered as donations to PLMC and will become part of our permanent collection in Cēsis.

We now turn once again to you, our loyal supporters, to request a donation at a critical moment in this project. Although we have raised approximately $100,000 for the renovation of the first gallery, additional funds are essential for ongoing expenses, including renovation of the second gallery and shipping of artworks from all over the world to build the permanent collection. Your gift is an important contribution to the preservation of Latvia’s cultural heritage, and will help to create a resource for future generations.

Please consider contributing at one of the levels described in the accompanying letter.

Thank you!
Lelde Kalmite, PLMS president


Cēsis Center

Dainis Mjartāns, Project Supervisor

Eriks Lismanis, Project Manager

Norvels Hermanovskis, Interior Designer

The distinguished members of this group representing the cultural community expressed their interest in and enthusiasm for the plan to open a Center in Cēsis:

Rolands Lappuķe (ambassador at large for diaspora matters from the foreign ministry)
Lilita Zatlere (honorary board)
Dace Lamberga (curator at LNMM)
Maija Hinkle (president, La Pa Museum)
Raimonds Slaidiņš (PLMS board)
Norvels and Feja Hermanovskis (principals, Fejadesign)
Ēriks Lismanis (project manager)
Marika Zeimule (director of Madona Art School)
Susan Mundheim (director, White Box Theater, USA)
Māris Brancis (art critic, historian)
Zane Čulkstēna (co-curator for Latvian Pavilion at Venice Biennale)
Dainis Mjartāns (PLMS Latvia Vice-president)
Guna Mundheim (PLMS secretary)
Lelde Kalmīte (PLMS president)

During 2013, PLMS has organized two additional shipments of art works, books and documents to our storehouse in Cēsis, including works by Ludolfs Liberts, Dagmara Igale, Māris Raudziņš, Lelde Ore Vinters, Janis Zvirbulis, Jānis Kalmīte, Otto Grunde, and 12 paintings from Līga Kilmane’s father’s collection of Latvian art.

The Board of Directors invites everyone who is interested in preserving Latvian diaspora art to contribute financially, and to consider also donating art works to the collection.


Artists whose work is pictured at top of page from left to right:
Ilze Arājs, Lidija Dombrovska Larsena, Ēriks Dzenis


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